A juicy summer! (after the dark night)

img_20170911_0003-copia.jpgHey Wizards & Sorceresses!

Our summer pause is almost over and we’re back at work! Actually as a game dev you never really quit to fantasize about what and how you should improve your game Continue reading


Black Jack is still at large

As you may have read before, Wizards of Unica started as a 7 Day Rogue-Like in 2014. This year, to test how my skills developed, I participated in the yearly 7DRL Challenge. The result is Black Jack is still at large, a western roguelike based on a unique Blackjack inspired game mechanic for action resolution developed in little less than 24 hours.


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The Design of Wizards of Unica

As we move forward it is time to go into a deeper detail about the design of Wizards of Unica and finalize the various game mechanics. This is the first post of a serie of article that will accompany us for several months while Daniele and I refine and finalize the gameplay of our game, and the starting point are WoU’s Design Goals.


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