LAST UPDATED 2018-10-20

The last 10 months, after we moved to Godot 3, have been very fruitful.

The Core Systems are essentially complete: you can move around, kill monsters that try to kill you back, use spells and combos, generate “themed” levels and interact with the world via triggers.

Now we are getting ready for a new release, but we want to put on it some more polishing.

Here some stats about what we implemented (which is a subset of what we actually did) in the last 10 months:

File Count Lines of Code Bytes
Data (.tscn/.json/.csv) 88 8390 219734
Scripts (.gd) 42 3310 104967
Graphics (.png/.jpg) 113 0 11303881
Music (.ogg) 13 0 5542454
Sounds (.wav) 36 0 8956706



  1. Squashing bugs for the new Alpha.
    1. Especially lights not showing…
  2. Dialogues.


Visuals and audio assets for the first stages are completed to be shown.

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