OST: The Misty Marsh

Oh, this is the chance I have to make a masterpiece!

Yeah, art is about this, isn’t it? You are producing day by day, and you have continuous opportunity to wake up one day and realize that the song you composed the night before is just a fu**ing gem!

Is this that day? I’m quite happy with this Misty Marsh, the 9th track for the Wizards of Unica Original Soundtrack, but is it a masterpiece? Continue reading


Gettin tougher on animation


 It is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way – not his way. (Mark Rothko)

Fifteen days are past since my last post about animations, and I practiced a lot in the meantime. For a tactical RPG basic 2 cycle animations could be acceptable, but the last two weeks I had to face a new problem: bigger sprites need more frames to not results too stiff. Continue reading

Dully Pop Caravaggio

PaletteFinished01Often 8 or 16 bit games in the past had a palette rich in green, red and blue zone. That’s why old games looked very saturated with pure bright colors, being based on pure RGB channels. But we are not in the ’80 anymore, nor in the ’90 and we are living in a “desaturating era” with a pinch of fluo. We finally understood that ancient secret because of which if everything is bright nothing shines (as I repeat to my paint’ students). Caravaggio perfectly knew this, keeping red, yellow and white focused in a single point or in little portions. For the same reasons I will save #FF0000 just for bright fire ball core, but except this I’ll keep WD dull. Continue reading

Art’s Choices


When I chose to develop arts for Wizards’Duel, I knew that time would have been strict. I’m a 32 years old professional portraitist, married, with two children… I need time for buckle down on my work and studies, so I knew that my efforts on WD would have been limited.

But arts is to take beauty from what you have, doesn’t matter if is gold or clay. Contemporary art and ancient masters as well still teach us that Continue reading

Introducing Wizards’Duel Arts

Mage's Duel03Hi, I’m Daniele Lynx Lasalandra, and I’m the Wizard’s Duel art director and artist.

First time Luca explained me his projects for Wizards’ Duel (from here on WD) I’ve been mesmerized by game concept and gameplay. He asked my advices on spells combos and bosses, but he didn’t mean to develop graphic more far than a roguelike Ascii style . Days later I found myselft imaging the characters, enemies and locations… And I realized that such a good game Continue reading