Lynx’ Heretical Pixel Art Method!

Hi Wizards and Sorceresses,

from today on, you will be able to produce seamless terrains for your games in great pixelart! Many times I wrote about my heretical approach to produce unlegit pixelous assets from photos in order to save times, but in professional quality.

MockUp02 (all elements def)04

“With my method you’ll quickly produce stunning assets for your game, dear Oni!”

The floors I realized for the fire stage and the ice stage convinced me I was right, and that my method could be spread and shared. Continue reading

Pixelart Proficiency

MockUp02 (all elements def)04

Mount Ibuki: The Yuki Onna’s Frozen Spire!

Welcome back wizards and sorceresses!

Time ago I talked about game design vs concept art, and the consequence of their confrontation. Today I’m proud to say I find a way to fruitfully use that conflict. Indeed art is about limits. As an artist I feel a natural need to overcome boundaries, but, art is more than a rebel act of creation against rules: like every language and grammar, art need to face limits and find a way to magnify the border itself. Why we would keep using pixel art otherwise? The deprivation of hi definition is a limit we self-impose working on low-fi-media as pixel art, but artists all around the world enjoy these limits so much, because limits and needs give birth to Continue reading

Enemies Update!


Behemoth’s walk and attacks cycle animation

Hi folks,

let’s face video games are a love declaration to foes and enemies! Game designers, writers and artists puts all their effort to build charming and deadly nemesis for player, and so do we for our Wizards’ Duel!

Last month I’ve introduce our bestiary and the evil inhabitants of the Fiery Pit. Today I just want to show you some more enemies I’m working on. Continue reading

Rake: the rash rebel


And here comes the second and last Wizards’ Duel’s playable character: Rake. As previously explained for our first PC Exekiel my rules are:

  • 32*32 pixels
  • one color + a shadow
  • the palette I made
  • 12 colors per sprite (I’d like to reduce ‘em at 8 only)

About the name, I wanted something with a hard sound, short and aggressive. Rake synonyms are: debauchee, decadent, deviate, libertine, pervert. Related words are: delinquent, incorrigible; blackguard, cad, heel, knave, miscreant, rascal, reprobate, satyr

In a traditional view of good vs evil, Rake could be considered Continue reading

Concept Art vs Game Design


Aye, there’s the rub! Unlike pure paint, concept art has always a purpose over the aesthetic message. As previously shown , at the moment we’re focused on the fire stage with heretical  pixelart mix, but to take a break by all that red, black and yellow I spent some time on the Frozen Spire’s concept, the ice level. When I’ve finished this piece I was so proud of it because of the calm and majestic feeling it has… To me its visual strength is getting close to the big games I was inspired by: Hyper Light Drifter, Sword and Sworcery, Bastion… Can you image it with an animated layer of falling snow and the shaking pines on foreground? Add some wind fx and a minimal cold echoing OST and here you have such an immersive stage to interact with… But no.

Continue reading

Exekiel: The Repentant Sage


Exekiel: from first pixel draft to final sprite.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.

Ezechiel 25:17

And finally here I come with the first playable character sprite, from the first draft to the actual sprite. These are the rules (not so strict at the moment):

  • 32*32 pixels
  • one color + a shadow
  • the palette I made
  • 12 colors per sprite (I’d like to reduce ’em at 8 only)

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The Wise Sage and the Cruel Mage


I love this sensation. When you look to your own work and you feel like: <<this is it. I’ve nailed the idea I had in my mind>>. It rarely happens, doesn’t matter how much passionate you are about that thing, but this is that time. In last month I developed my vision of our two main characters, with their background and story, their look and outfits, hood, hat and staffs, and… here we go. After some sketches (that I will show you somedays), I needed soon to focus on their faces. I’m a pro portraitist and I’m confy to show souls through physiognomy, and I was so curious to know more about our two wizards. I love the determinated calm coming from the Wise Old Sage, and the aggressive exotic power emanate from the Cruel Young Mage. Continue reading

Gameplay Premises Part 4 – Areas and Bosses

In part 3 the world was fleshed out as a dynamic place but was not given a context. Having terrains and hazards is good, but if not given a framework they can result in just a random bunch of mechanics without a direction.

Fire thumbs01part

Fiery Pit Entrance (click to enlarge)

Remember when we talked about the spirits? Good, the game world will be divided in areas, one for each spirit, and each one will have its own hazards and enemies. The areas can be taken in any order, this means that depending on your choices the game will play a lot differently in each play-trough.

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WD Concept Art: Fiery Pit’s Thumbs

Fire thumbs01s

Some thumbnails to find the right feeling with Wizards’ Duel test level: the Fiery Pit.

This sketches will help me with environmental textures, architectonical understanding of spaces, level’s colors palette, unique location and objects. Most pixel artists doesn’t spend much time on non-pixel concept, ‘cos it slows down the process. But in my experience this can provide much more unity and inspiration for all level’s elements.

Based on the arabian fabulous City of Brass, the fire level will extend in a vulcan core at the World’s End. Through lava pools and precious scorched halls, infested by insidious FireFlys, the evil Thugs, Flame’ Hounds and Salamanders, will be a real challenge to find the dominator spirit of this realm… Will you be skilled enough to beat the Efreet in his lair, get his power and fight the Wizard’s Duel?!  Follow us and you will know!