Black Jack is still at large

As you may have read before, Wizards of Unica started as a 7 Day Rogue-Like in 2014. This year, to test how my skills developed, I participated in the yearly 7DRL Challenge. The result is Black Jack is still at large, a western roguelike based on a unique Blackjack inspired game mechanic for action resolution developed in little less than 24 hours.


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The Design of Wizards of Unica

As we move forward it is time to go into a deeper detail about the design of Wizards of Unica and finalize the various game mechanics. This is the first post of a serie of article that will accompany us for several months while Daniele and I refine and finalize the gameplay of our game, and the starting point are WoU’s Design Goals.


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Turn Based Diablo?

The Original Diablo Pitch Document has been disclosed some time ago. If you dabble in game design I think it is a must read, it is a short document that teaches us something new about one of the most influential games ever developed.

A view of the tactical grid

As it turn out, Diablo was first pitched as a turn-based RPG with randomly generated dungeons and a specific action economy. Does it ring a bell? (hint, look at our punchline)

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Enemy Design – Variety of interactions

One of the design goals for Wizards’ Duel is to offer an high level of variety in the various situations that the player may encounter while keeping the mechanics of the game as simple as possible. The challenge should arise from the interactions of simple systems.


When designing enemies it is especially important to think about interactions to keep variety and challenge the player in new but straightforward ways.

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Pixelart Proficiency

MockUp02 (all elements def)04

Mount Ibuki: The Yuki Onna’s Frozen Spire!

Welcome back wizards and sorceresses!

Time ago I talked about game design vs concept art, and the consequence of their confrontation. Today I’m proud to say I find a way to fruitfully use that conflict. Indeed art is about limits. As an artist I feel a natural need to overcome boundaries, but, art is more than a rebel act of creation against rules: like every language and grammar, art need to face limits and find a way to magnify the border itself. Why we would keep using pixel art otherwise? The deprivation of hi definition is a limit we self-impose working on low-fi-media as pixel art, but artists all around the world enjoy these limits so much, because limits and needs give birth to Continue reading

Small Update: Restart

First let me thank all of you that downloaded and tried out our Wizards of Unica! It really means a lot. You also provided us important feedbacks, and the one that came out more often than others is about the possibility to restart on Game Over. It took me a bit (sorry, I was about 12.000 km away from my PC… talk about AFK) but I have implemented this feature and updated the alpha: you can download the new version here.

Press SPACE to Restart

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