Standardize your design!


Hello Wizards & Sorceresses,

after completing my last personal challenge of 500 assets in 60 days, I got a straight month of resting. As every active creative person knows well,  there is no such thing as complete rest for artistic minds, but I tried to keep distance from direct production, just taking care of my family and business, playing games in my queue and Continue reading


Personal challenge: 500 assets in 60 days!


Church of Truce: mock up for choke point#3. 2017

Hi everybody,

here is my new personal challenge for Wizards of Unica! I’m gonna draw 10 stages’ assets in two months! 50 new graphics each one so more or less 500 assets in 60 days!

If you are following Wizards of Unica since last year you know that lately I produced a bunch of assets. But because of the non-primary nature of this project (Luca and I have very busy life with business and family) is very easily to get lost into perfectionism and never-ending dev. Continue reading

GUI: Icons!


Twinkle twinkle little star…

I have to admit it: in the begining of Wizards’ Duel development I was really scared by the idea I would have make the graphic user interface too (from here on GUI). Bars and buttons animations are far away from my interest and comfort area. But then, going deeper in the challange of pixelart, getting better with quick solutions and overcoming selfimposed limits, I started to be curious to see how I would have face the Precise side of the Moon. Yeah, because if with monsters and spells strokes and splatters can be helpful, GUI need to be straight and solid. But this doesn’t mean is fantasy-free!

As I love to repeat, every creative act is based on Continue reading

Planned Arts

World Palette Simple01

Hi everybody,

here at Carbon Laser we are so glad for the attention your paying to us: our stats exploded last week and we can just say thank you! This give us a boost for do even a better work! And, as you can see below: is a bunch!

As unique artist, art director and composer,  here under you can read all the assets I have to develop in next months. After brainstorming, some concepts and executives for characters and the Fiery Pit, I’ve started going deeper in the whole world.  To do that I needed a full vision about color scheme and visual narrative consecution of levels for every stage. So I had to make a minimal palette wheel based on our World Map and basic tech thumbnails. Continue reading