WD OST: Gimme a gimmick


Hi folks,

summer is here and what’s better than take a guitar and camp fire on a beach with friends?

Yeah, camp fire: the father of all indie’s trope. Aegis Defenders, Hyperlight Drifter, Shovel Knight, Irkalla, Gods will be watching, The Curious Expedition and many more…The picture of characters watching the flames surrounded by a perillous night explains so good the indiependent estethic in contrast with major studios: wild vs domestic, rural vs citizen: the perfect metaphore, and someone should really make an article about this… Continue reading

Impure & unorthodox


A super quick draft for architectural structures

Since my first mock up I knew that Wizards’ Duel pixel art would have been impure. I called it heretical, in contraposition to pixel art orthodoxy, where it is needed that you draw everything without any cheat. Well,  as a traditional pro painter I could argue that “drawing” with a computer is cheating (ctrl+z!) or that Continue reading

Concept Art vs Game Design


Aye, there’s the rub! Unlike pure paint, concept art has always a purpose over the aesthetic message. As previously shown , at the moment we’re focused on the fire stage with heretical  pixelart mix, but to take a break by all that red, black and yellow I spent some time on the Frozen Spire’s concept, the ice level. When I’ve finished this piece I was so proud of it because of the calm and majestic feeling it has… To me its visual strength is getting close to the big games I was inspired by: Hyper Light Drifter, Sword and Sworcery, Bastion… Can you image it with an animated layer of falling snow and the shaking pines on foreground? Add some wind fx and a minimal cold echoing OST and here you have such an immersive stage to interact with… But no.

Continue reading

Palette: how to get a pleasant megrim.

NES Color Palette

Original NES Color Palette

I’m an artist. Not a designer. I enjoy colors, their born, their death and their story, but I’m not a scientist. I do not like to calibrate every single number and letter in RGB or html color’s code.

But as I said before, choices are the bases of what you wanna do and color measurements are the begin of that choices. I had to study a bit due my lack of experience in pixel art, and I found out a HIDDEN WORLD about palette in low resolution games.

I.e. NES 8bit had technically 64 colors but its sprites had to be depicted in 3 colors only (plus one trasparent), and only 24 could be used at the same time on screen.  On SNES we could have 15 colors for every sprite and 256 on screen out of 32,768 colors.* Continue reading

Introducing Wizards’Duel Arts

Mage's Duel03Hi, I’m Daniele Lynx Lasalandra, and I’m the Wizard’s Duel art director and artist.

First time Luca explained me his projects for Wizards’ Duel (from here on WD) I’ve been mesmerized by game concept and gameplay. He asked my advices on spells combos and bosses, but he didn’t mean to develop graphic more far than a roguelike Ascii style . Days later I found myselft imaging the characters, enemies and locations… And I realized that such a good game Continue reading