GUI: Icons!


Twinkle twinkle little star…

I have to admit it: in the begining of Wizards’ Duel development I was really scared by the idea I would have make the graphic user interface too (from here on GUI). Bars and buttons animations are far away from my interest and comfort area. But then, going deeper in the challange of pixelart, getting better with quick solutions and overcoming selfimposed limits, I started to be curious to see how I would have face the Precise side of the Moon. Yeah, because if with monsters and spells strokes and splatters can be helpful, GUI need to be straight and solid. But this doesn’t mean is fantasy-free!

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Gameplay Premises Part 1 – Spells

It is time to delve a bit deeper into the gameplay.

Of course a game is always moving and changing, some more than others, and for sure there will be adjustments, but it is important to start with a vision, a guiding light to follow during the development. For WD the main concept is the one of spirits and effects and their combinations.

In the world of WD wizards are individuals that know how to forge pacts with spirits or bind them at their command. In particular, each time a wizard bonds with a spirit she will be able to borrow its power to manifest a specific effect in the form of a spell.

Your character will not actually gain levels but will instead bond with more spirits and thus unlock more powerful effects that will gradually open up more strategical options. An example that I have already used is to cast Ice on the floor and then use Wind to push an enemy over a cliff.

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