These pixels will try to kill you!

Fire Monsters Set (thugs variationsBIG)

Good, Luca and I have started today to talk about a tech demo. We have not a release date at the moment, but sure we’ll let you know soon. There you will face a dungeon in the Fiery Pit, with random spawned enemies ready to kill you. So, here we go with some Thugs concepts. Thugs are Efreet’s infantry, not fast or tough, but don’t let them come too close ‘cos they ready to chop your little pixelated head with a single slash. Continue reading

Dully Pop Caravaggio

PaletteFinished01Often 8 or 16 bit games in the past had a palette rich in green, red and blue zone. That’s why old games looked very saturated with pure bright colors, being based on pure RGB channels. But we are not in the ’80 anymore, nor in the ’90 and we are living in a “desaturating era” with a pinch of fluo. We finally understood that ancient secret because of which if everything is bright nothing shines (as I repeat to my paint’ students). Caravaggio perfectly knew this, keeping red, yellow and white focused in a single point or in little portions. For the same reasons I will save #FF0000 just for bright fire ball core, but except this I’ll keep WD dull. Continue reading

Palette: how to get a pleasant megrim.

NES Color Palette

Original NES Color Palette

I’m an artist. Not a designer. I enjoy colors, their born, their death and their story, but I’m not a scientist. I do not like to calibrate every single number and letter in RGB or html color’s code.

But as I said before, choices are the bases of what you wanna do and color measurements are the begin of that choices. I had to study a bit due my lack of experience in pixel art, and I found out a HIDDEN WORLD about palette in low resolution games.

I.e. NES 8bit had technically 64 colors but its sprites had to be depicted in 3 colors only (plus one trasparent), and only 24 could be used at the same time on screen.  On SNES we could have 15 colors for every sprite and 256 on screen out of 32,768 colors.* Continue reading