ALPHA: 10 | 10 | 2015

BannerPC face2face03sOh yeah, we have a date!

And I’m so proud we made it, through an entire year of hard work.

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Alpha Design – Threat Level

This is the first time that I speak about one game subsystem that I find especially interesting: the Game Director. This system, used in some form in games such as Left 4 Dead, is essentially a sort of artificial intelligence for dynamically placing enemies and encounters on the level, and Wizards of Unica will have something similar.

A dire situation

A dire situation

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Alpha Interface Reference

As is now usual in games, we plan to include a special tutorial level in Wizards’ Duel to teach the basis of the game in a seamless manner, something short and to the point to both clarify the controls and enable a bit of exposition to set up the tone of the game.

But for our first release we planned something simpler: presenting all the possibilities in a single recap page displayed just before starting the game.

Quick command reference picture

Quick command reference picture (click to enlarge)

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Rewriting the Event Manager

Since the beginning I was aware that one of the most critical and difficult part of the development of Wizards’ Duel would have been the Event Manager. I wrote a bit about it in an earlier post, but now that I am focusing on it exclusively I thought it was time to go a bit deeper and also help myself give shape to my thoughts. Please be patient if this post may seem more akin to a brainstorming.

Lots of fireflies

Whose turn was it, now?

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Procedural Level Generation – Other Algorithms

The last couple of times I went into greater detail about the Procedural Level Generation Algorithm used in Wizards’ Duel. Procedural Generation is actually one of the most fun and interesting aspects of developing a Roguelike so, to close it up nicely, I wanted to briefly present some other ways to generate dungeons that you may find interesting. I hope you found this series of articles useful, I surely had fun writing them.

Hedge Maze

Different algorithm may generate various kind of layouts and they are not limited to 2D levels… and not even 3D ones!

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