Pixelart: new & remake 2014 – 2017


Hello Wizards & Sorceresses,

I bought Aseprite.

If you are a pixel artist or a pixel enthusiast you should really consider to make yourself a gift this Christmas and buy a copy. This is not any kind of promotional message, but just my sincere enthusiasm for this well designed program David Capello developed based on several requests and feedbacks he got from Aseprite community in the last few years. Continue reading


Pixel Unlegit (is it legal?)

04 (2)

Wizard’s Duel in-game screenshot (Fiery Pit’s level)

Hi everybody,

Wizards’ Duel prototype is becoming real and in a week we will have an alpha release date announcement along with teaser trailer and in-game videos. In the meantime, today I want to show you some major improvement we had in our graphic and explain a bit more the process I used to reach a mechanization of create background art assets. Continue reading

Skrymir The Jotun: Crystal Forest’ Boss!


When Luca and I started to brainstorm about Wizards’ Duel we clearly wanted to have peculiar bosses for every stage. Due the fact our game is based on collecting bosses’ power after their defeat, it was basic that every one of them were very specific, pushing the player to approach tactics in a different way for each one.

To schematize is a basic part of gamedev if you need a vary and solid work, and so after colors scheme, contrast adjective for characters’ gen, weather and day/night conditions, dimensions and mobility were another specific concept I faced for bosses’ diversification. Continue reading

GUI: Icons!


Twinkle twinkle little star…

I have to admit it: in the begining of Wizards’ Duel development I was really scared by the idea I would have make the graphic user interface too (from here on GUI). Bars and buttons animations are far away from my interest and comfort area. But then, going deeper in the challange of pixelart, getting better with quick solutions and overcoming selfimposed limits, I started to be curious to see how I would have face the Precise side of the Moon. Yeah, because if with monsters and spells strokes and splatters can be helpful, GUI need to be straight and solid. But this doesn’t mean is fantasy-free!

As I love to repeat, every creative act is based on Continue reading