First Refactor, First Rewrite

A starfield with dynamic lights

A starfield with dynamic lights “following” the particles.

During the latest developments I had some problems to resolve that arose also, among other things, thanks to the growing complexity of the project. In particular some of them were:

  1. Offset of lights when linked to objects,
  2. Offset of animations when different frames are of different size,
  3. Growing bloat of the offset management code,
  4. Input management among the various widgets.

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Z Ordering and the Depth Problem

Since the post about particles generated a bit of comments regarding their perceived depth on our twitters (and I dearly thank all who took their time to talk with us, you are great!) I thought it would be nice to explain a few things about how things work in Wizards’ Duel.

But first of all: Wizards’ Duel will definitely have Z-Ordering!

These particles have a Z-Order: they change their "depth" to go around Exekiel

These particles have a Z-Order: they change their “depth” to fly around Exekiel

This post will be a bit more technical than the usual so let’s get started.

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Sound Engine Design

I have started working on the Audio Engine for WD. Developing an audio engine is something completely new for me and, even if I studied it a bit as part of my formation as a game developer, it is not as straightforward as some may think.

As you possibly know there are two types of audio in a videogame: sound effects (SFX) and background musics (BGM). The distinction is not as shallow as some may think because the two usually have different requirements to do their work properly.

Sound Effects vs Background Musics

Sound Effects vs Background Musics

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