Turn Based Diablo?

The Original Diablo Pitch Document has been disclosed some time ago. If you dabble in game design I think it is a must read, it is a short document that teaches us something new about one of the most influential games ever developed.

A view of the tactical grid

As it turn out, Diablo was first pitched as a turn-based RPG with randomly generated dungeons and a specific action economy. Does it ring a bell? (hint, look at our punchline)

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Lords of the Rings


The 10 Rings of Powers

10 special powers, 30 and more spells, half hundred enemies and spirits… Wizards of Unica will be all this, and more. We will have achievements which effect the game, hidden dungeon and treasures.

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Skrymir The Jotun: Crystal Forest’ Boss!


When Luca and I started to brainstorm about Wizards’ Duel we clearly wanted to have peculiar bosses for every stage. Due the fact our game is based on collecting bosses’ power after their defeat, it was basic that every one of them were very specific, pushing the player to approach tactics in a different way for each one.

To schematize is a basic part of gamedev if you need a vary and solid work, and so after colors scheme, contrast adjective for characters’ gen, weather and day/night conditions, dimensions and mobility were another specific concept I faced for bosses’ diversification. Continue reading

GUI: Icons!


Twinkle twinkle little star…

I have to admit it: in the begining of Wizards’ Duel development I was really scared by the idea I would have make the graphic user interface too (from here on GUI). Bars and buttons animations are far away from my interest and comfort area. But then, going deeper in the challange of pixelart, getting better with quick solutions and overcoming selfimposed limits, I started to be curious to see how I would have face the Precise side of the Moon. Yeah, because if with monsters and spells strokes and splatters can be helpful, GUI need to be straight and solid. But this doesn’t mean is fantasy-free!

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