Once upon a time: Part I & II


If I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me?


Many years before the realms were united under the name of Unica, a young and powerful sorcerer called Exekiel was summoned at King Dorico’s court. King’s dream was to gather all the realms together in a single Empire to stop the many conflicts crossing the lands and gifting people with peace and prosperity. Dorico had the strongest army ever seen, but still he was missing the most powerful weapon: Continue reading


Who are those Wizards?

As we premised, Wizards’Duel is about two challengers confronting each other for theire own reasons. So there is a couple of opposites, and this is what I only knew when we started to brainstorming about ’em. Then many opposites couples useful for our purpose came up to our mind:





Gandalf The Pink: a freaky twisted clichè

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Introducing Wizards’Duel Arts

Mage's Duel03Hi, I’m Daniele Lynx Lasalandra, and I’m the Wizard’s Duel art director and artist.

First time Luca explained me his projects for Wizards’ Duel (from here on WD) I’ve been mesmerized by game concept and gameplay. He asked my advices on spells combos and bosses, but he didn’t mean to develop graphic more far than a roguelike Ascii style . Days later I found myselft imaging the characters, enemies and locations… And I realized that such a good game Continue reading