Under the hood update

The transition to the new architecture is slowly but steadily happening. Somewhere in the next couple of months it should be finished and then a new rounds of functionalities and updates will hopefully come close by thanks to the improvements, right now the management of lava has improved significantly and it no longer slows down your movements.

Lots of lava

Lava generation (shrunk because of file size)

As discussed previously, I am implementing an ECS architecture, this has changed quite dramatically the game architecture from this Continue reading

Lynx’ Heretical Pixel Art Method!

Hi Wizards and Sorceresses,

from today on, you will be able to produce seamless terrains for your games in great pixelart! Many times I wrote about my heretical approach to produce unlegit pixelous assets from photos in order to save times, but in professional quality.

MockUp02 (all elements def)04

“With my method you’ll quickly produce stunning assets for your game, dear Oni!”

The floors I realized for the fire stage and the ice stage convinced me I was right, and that my method could be spread and shared. Continue reading

Turn Based Diablo?

The Original Diablo Pitch Document has been disclosed some time ago. If you dabble in game design I think it is a must read, it is a short document that teaches us something new about one of the most influential games ever developed.

A view of the tactical grid

As it turn out, Diablo was first pitched as a turn-based RPG with randomly generated dungeons and a specific action economy. Does it ring a bell? (hint, look at our punchline)

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Enemy Design – Variety of interactions

One of the design goals for Wizards’ Duel is to offer an high level of variety in the various situations that the player may encounter while keeping the mechanics of the game as simple as possible. The challenge should arise from the interactions of simple systems.


When designing enemies it is especially important to think about interactions to keep variety and challenge the player in new but straightforward ways.

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