Introducing Wizards’Duel Arts

Mage's Duel03Hi, I’m Daniele Lynx Lasalandra, and I’m the Wizard’s Duel art director and artist.

First time Luca explained me his projects for Wizards’ Duel (from here on WD) I’ve been mesmerized by game concept and gameplay. He asked my advices on spells combos and bosses, but he didn’t mean to develop graphic more far than a roguelike Ascii style . Days later I found myselft imaging the characters, enemies and locations… And I realized that such a good game deserved enhancement by a strong visual approach. So I  proposed to Luca to develop the game together, and we teamed up for a bigger project!

WD will have a 2d pixel art/hd enviroments suite, in 3/4 top down perspective, based on classic sprites with raw animations, inspired to the old style games, but with a contemporary approach with tiles treatment on textures and multylayer project. I’m looking for a sharp and bichromal bright style merged in smokey atmosphere, using less color than I can, with a severe palette. As an artist I mean not to make WD looking as the hundreds roguelike out there, with a strong gameplay but with anonymous or bothering graphic based on 8bit tileset.

Hyper Light Drifter, Bastion, Transistor, Sword & Sworcery These are the games that ispired me for starting concept arts, where minimalism, colorful style and atmosphere reigns.

As you will see the research of a unique style will have a long research period before starting with official executive arts. You will be spectators of this process, watching the birth of Wizard’s Duel. By now I leave you with our first header.





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